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Buddha Blends: Purple Berry & Hemp Seed Smoothie

What is a purple berry I hear you ask? Well, the berries themselves aren’t exactly purple, but this recipe uses blueberries and strawberries and blue + red = purple (it’s a stretch I know but indulge me anyway?) This smoothie is a quick and easy snack that’s packed full of protein and flavonoids and it’s delicious too. Enjoy!

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Raw Vegan Chilli Orange Dark Chocolate

It’s so simple and fun making your own chocolate. This recipe uses the flavours of chili and orange because they go so well with dark chocolate. This decadent treat will make a quick and easy gift for someone special, or a gift to yourself :) Give it a go, I promise it’s super easy and yummy too.

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Buddha Blends: Purple Passion Smoothie

Coming home from the markets, I realized that I had purchased purple cabbage and purple kale. So along with making my usual green smoothie, I thought I’d make a purple one too. Purple/red cabbage and green cabbage are essentially the same in terms of their nutritional benefits, however, red cabbage contains Anthocyanins, an extra nutrient not found in green cabbage. Anthocyanins are antioxidants that give purple/red cabbage its purple color.They are known for their ability to fight cancer and improve memory. Anthocyanins may also assist healthy weight loss by helping your body release hormones that metabolize fat and suppress your appetite. Anyway, apart from all of that, this smoothie is pretty and tastes damn good too. It’s definitely a new weekly staple!

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Raw Vegan Sago Gula Melaka: Coconut Chia Pudding with Coconut Caramel Custard

This is my raw vegan version of the awesome Malaysian dessert: Sago Gula Melaka. Growing up, I was lucky enough to enjoy amazing south east Asian desserts such as this. Unlike the traditional version however, my take on this dessert uses chia seeds instead of sago and natural sweeteners instead of sugar. It’s just as tasty but a lot better for you! The coconut caramel custard is so versatile, it’s awesome eaten on it’s own, as a delicious ice cream topping, the possibilities are endless. Enjoy!

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Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Rocky Road

My name is Maz and I love chocolate. I love chocolate in all it’s forms and was super stoked to find out that raw vegan chocolate was just as good, if not better than the crap I used to chow down. I refer to conventional chocolate as crap because it usually contains a whole lot of unnecessary dairy and refined sugars that spike up your blood sugar level and decay your teeth without any real benefit. You’ll hear a lot out there about raw cacao being a superfood, and you’ll also hear a lot to the contrary, warning about it’s ill effects as a toxin. Regardless, I think raw cacao, like any treat can be enjoyed in moderation. Especially if you’re already living a pretty healthy lifestyle! Raw cacao is super high in unadultered anti-oxidents and magnesium and is at the very least, a better alternative to processed chocolates. This rocky road recipe is AWESOME, it lasted all of 2 seconds at my place and I’ve had many requests to make more, which I will indulge… in moderation :) Enjoy!

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